Withdrawal from a Course, Program or the College Procedures Conduct – Complaints Procedures

Title:Withdrawal from a Course, Program or the College Procedures Conduct – Complaints Procedures
Policy #:Academic-12
Effective Date:June, 2016
Approved By:Administrator, August 2015
Last Revision:April 11, 2019
Next Review:December 2020


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2.Withdrawal from a Course, Program or the College

Once registered, students are academically and financially responsible for their course unless they officially withdraw by the given deadlines.

Students are not officially withdrawn if they cease to attend classes, or verbally notify their teacher, Enrolment Services staff, or other college staff of their intent to withdraw. Students who cease to attend classes and do not officially withdraw will remain enrolled and may be assigned an “F” grade.

Some Possible Consequences of Withdrawing from a Course or Program

Withdrawing from a Course or Program or reducing the number of Courses in which a student is enrolled in the semester can have some significant consequences. Some of the consequences may include the following:

Change the student’s eligibility for an OSAP loan.

Extend the duration of studies and/ or delay graduation.

Possibly add to expenses through additional fees.

Affect any sponsorship arrangements the student might have in place.

Affect the student’s eligibility for inter-collegiate sports.

Impact prerequisites for upcoming semesters.

2.1 Withdrawal Without Academic Penalty

2.1.1 Full-time Students

To withdraw from a program without academic penalty (without being penalized by an ‘F’ grade or an “FNA” grade), students must submit an Intent to Withdraw Form to the Enrolment Services office by the specified date in the semester. This deadline is noted in the sessional dates issued during registration, and is available in the Enrolment Services office and on the website.

For all other courses that do not have midterms, Continuing Education courses, condensed courses, OLC courses, or distance education courses, this deadline date is two-thirds of the way through the course or as stated in the course outline.

Students registered in part-time courses must submit a withdrawal form to the registrar’s office by the specified date noted in their brochure. They should specifically note the various deadline dates.

The academic advisor (program chair/coordinator) must sign the form to ensure the student understands any academic issues ensuing from the action.

2.1.2 Students Enrolled in Continuing Education

Students who are enrolled in Continuing Education courses in addition to full-time courses and have paid for the Continuing Education courses separately who will like to withdraw from the course without academic penalty must officially withdraw by the mid-point of the program. The mid-point is reached when 50 percent of scheduled classes or meetings are completed.

2.2 Withdrawal with Partial Refund

Once registered, a student is academically and financially responsible unless a formal written withdrawal is made by the appropriate deadlines.

2.2.1 Full-time Students

Full-time students may obtain a partial refund of their semester fees if they withdraw within six business days following the first day of class. If they withdraw from their program (or even reduce their courses) after this deadline (on and after the seventh day), they are ineligible for a partial refund of their semester fees.

2.2.2 Students Enrolled in Continuing Education

Students registered in a Continuing Education course may qualify for a partial refund if they officially withdraw by the following deadlines:

a) before the start of the first scheduled class, if the course has four or fewer classes;

b) before the start of third scheduled class if the course has more than four meetings;

c) 30 calendar days after receiving print-based course materials.

3. Cross References to Other Existing Policies or Regulations

 Grading Policy

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