DURATION: 16 Hrs + 1Hour of Exam
COST: $ 450

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School: Macmillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences
Credential: Ontario College Certificate
Program Type: Information Technology
Program Length: 20 hours
Location: College Campus/Online
Email: macmillianinstitute@gmail.com

OVERVEIW: Canadian law requires that any person exposed to hazardous materials in the workplace must be trained in Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).
Worksite Safety’s WHMIS Certification program has been developed to meet and exceed the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.
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WHMIS legislation introduced in 1988.
It is an employee’s responsibility to participate in WHMIS safety training, take necessary measures to protect themselves and co-workers, and to properly identify and control hazardous materials. The onus is on the employer to ensure that hazardous materials are properly labelled, to have MSDSs available, and to offer education and training about the products in the workplace.
Anyone working with or around Hazardous Materials are required by law to be WHMIS trained. Our comprehensive WHMIS course has been developed for the training of persons who manufacture, work with, or are in proximity to hazardous materials in the workplace.
When it comes to Health and Safety, Ontario employers require professional staff who are knowledgeable about how to meet regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and who can minimize the high costs associated with accidents and injuries.
PRE-REQUISITES: Basic English Proficiency


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WHMIS, Day 1
How and why WHMIS was formed
What GHS is and its use
What the HPA and CPR regulates
WHMIS 1988 classes, divisions, and symbols
How to use personal protective equipment
How to read a supplier product label, a consumer product label, and a workplace label
Safe storage practices
How to read an MSDS
WHMIS 2015 classes, divisions, and symbols
How to read an MDS
Where to get more information on a product
What you should do in case of an emergency or spill
What hazards are associated with certain products?
Basics about WHMIS
Chemical Health Hazards
Chemical Health Effects
Routes of Entry for Chemicals
Legislation Regarding WHMIS
WHMIS Hazard Symbols
The Three Parts of WHMIS
Supplier Labels
Material Safety Data Sheets
Training Requirements for Employees
The Future of WHMIS
Health and Safety, Day 2
Work Health and Safety
Joint Health and Safety Committee
Employee and Employer Duties
OHSA: Occupational Health and Safety Act
Accidents at Work
Portable Ladders
Machinery and Equipment Usage
Workplace Electrical Safety
Safety Standard for Lift Trucks
Wearing Protection Devices
Preventing Heat Stroke


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