Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Students who have significant experiential learning acquired from employment, independent study or life experience may apply for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). To qualify, the experiential learning must be equivalent to the learning outcomes of a specific course. The method of assessment will vary according to the subject matter being assessed. College credit will be awarded when the documented/demonstrated learning is deemed to be equivalent to a subject offering.

To determine candidacy for PLA and to find out possible methods for assessment, contact the academic program coordinator listed by program.

There is an assessment fee for each subject in which a student is seeking credit through PLA.

In order to allow sufficient time for processing, students are urged to apply for PLA by the following dates. Assessment does not begin until the PLA fee is paid.

  • June 1 for subjects beginning in the fall semester.
  • December 1 for subjects beginning in the winter semester
  • March 1 for subjects beginning in the summer semester

The next selection after registration is the


For Fees students should 1. Choose their program and then choose the category.

1. Canadian (Domestic) students.

2. International Students

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