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School: Macmillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences
Credential:Ontario College Certificate
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OVERVEIW: MICROSOFT S EXCEL is a course that presents skills training and assessment for some of the skill sets that form the Microsoft Office Excel Expert. This course provides competency in customizing the Excel interface, using templates, using custom chart types, using workbook collaboration features, using workbook integration and XML features, creating and editing macros, controlling macro assignments and functionality, and troubleshooting macros.

Guided, step-by-step labs provide opportunities to practice new skills. You can challenge yourself and review your skills after each lesson in the Lesson Summary and Lesson Review sections. Additional skill reinforcement is provided in Activities, Optional Labs, Lesson Quizzes and a Course Assessment.

PRE-REQUISITES: Computer Fundamentals and Internet

NEXT COURSE START DATES: Duration: 40 hrs.

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Module I

Introduction to Excel

Creating Workbooks

Modifying Worksheets

Formatting Worksheets

Printing Worksheets

Working with Formulas

Working with Basic Functions

Enhancing Worksheets

Using Templates, Styles, Worksheet Backgrounds and AutoFormats

Finding and Replacing Data

Module II

Working with Multiple Worksheets

Adjusting the Screen Display

Working with Advanced Functions

Using Advanced Print Options

Filtering Data and Using Comments

Working with Names

Working with Charts

Protecting Data

Using Basic Integration and Web Features

Module III

Working with Databases

Sorting Database Data

Using Database Functions

Using Advanced Filters and

Automatic Subtotals

Creating PivotTables and

Pivot Charts

Formatting and Adjusting


Auditing Worksheets and

Performing What-If Analyses

Working with Scenarios

Module IV

Customizing the Excel Interface

Using Templates and Custom

Chart Types

Using Collaboration Features

Using Advanced Integration and

XML Features

Creating Macros

Editing Macros

Controlling Macro Assignments and Functionality

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