Mature Students

College welcomes applications from adults who have made the decision to return to school.

For the purposes of admission, “Mature Student Status” pertains to applicants who do not have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent but who have reached the age of 19 years on or before the beginning of their program of study.

For postsecondary diploma programs, applicants with Mature Student Status do not require an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). However, where there are prerequisite courses, such as English, mathematics, biology, physics or chemistry, for a program, applicants with Mature Student Status must provide proof of the required credits.

In some instances, Mature Applicants may be allowed to write the Mature Applicant pre-admission test in English and/or Mathematics in lieu of having these Ontario secondary school credits or their equivalent. Applicants should confirm with the Admissions Office if writing the English and/or Mathematics entrance test is permitted for their desired program and should also confirm with the Admissions Office if upgrading courses are acceptable substitutions for Ontario secondary school credits.

It is important to apply as soon as possible if you are applying with Mature Student Status. By applying early, if it is determined that you do not have the necessary skills for admission to a postsecondary program, you may be able to complete the required upgrading before your program starts. These upgrading programs are offered both at the College and at other adult educational centres in full-time or part-time formats.

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