International Students


The College is currently not accepting any international students.

Canada’s safe and unique multicultural environment makes it a very desirable country to the International students for studying. The province of Ontario, with its beautiful scenery, multiple lakes and modern infrastructure attracts foreign students. Its capital city Toronto is the largest Canadian city as well as the financial, economic, cultural heart of Canada. Ongoing entertainment and social activities act like a magnet for the youth as well as the elderly.
The College is located at a subway stop on the famous Scarborough Mall-55 Town Centre Crt. Street in Toronto, Ontario, easily accessible by public transportation, as well as by car; it has plenty of free parking and security.
MacMillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences -College is a registered and licensed Private Career College with several (currently 12) Government approved programs. The College founders and administrators have over many years of experience catering both domestic and international students.
MacMillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences College has submitted an application to be a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number, indicating that the college be permitted by Canada Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) department to provide education to International Students. Only when the college gets a  DLI number and gets a Letter of Acceptance (on the official College letterhead), Only then The college will be permitted to enroll International Students,



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