Home Child Care Program

Home Child Care based Program provides foundational training to individuals who are interested in providing quality child care in their own homes. A home child care is a business that requires energy, patience and training. We offer programs onsite at the College as well as at community agency locations.

The Home Based Child Care Program: is a certificate of attendance indicating completion of a 6 weeks session program. The Home Based Child Care (HBCC) training certificate is awarded to individuals who have attended and participated in the Program. The HBCC Program is designed to provide basic information to individuals interested in providing child care in their own homes knowledge usually determined through course examination.

There is no admission requirement or assessment of participants, therefore cannot guarantee the level of understanding and knowledge acquired through attendance in the Program. At completion of the program. It is recommended that individuals join a licensed Home Child Care Agency through which supervision and on-going professional development will support the delivery of quality child care.

Why Choose a Home Based Child Care Training Program?

Participants of the Home Based Child Care Training Program:

  • Gain basic understanding of child development and children’s needs;
  • Improve communication skills;
  • Learn with assignments that are fun, practical and straight-forward;
  • Increase professionalism skills;
  • Share ideas in a supportive environment; and
  • Establish social connections with other childcare providers.
  • Successful participants of Home Based Child Care program have the ability, knowledge, and confidence to develop a home child care business.
  • What is Licensed Home Child Care? Caregivers are screened, approved and monitored by Family Day’s Home Child Care Coordinators.
    • The Ministry of Education inspects Home based Child Care centers Day and some home child care locations at least once a year to make sure that requirements of the CCEYA are met.
    • A smaller “family-style” setting can help some children feel more comfortable.
    • Siblings of varied ages can attend the same caregiver home
    • A child’s individual needs may more easily met in a smaller group setting.
    • Children in the home develop close relationships with each other and with the caregiver
    • Children participate in outings to the library, park, Ontario Early Years Centers and Family Day playgroups.
    • Tuition:   $695.00+ HST
    • Topical Course Outline
    • Home Child Day Care Program Module 1
    • The Role of the Child Care Worker
    •  Interacting with other workers
    • Guiding Behavior
    • Fostering Self-Esteem and Showing Approval
    • Changes in Children: 12 Months to 10 Years
    • Financial Statements and the Business Plan
    • Home Child Day Care Program Module 2
    • Administration • Choices: Schools and Programs
    • The Program and Environment of Planning
    • Setting Program Goals
    • Planning for Infants and Toddlers and Preschool-Age Children
    • Home Child Day Care Program Module 3
    • Planning for School-Age Children
    • Staff Selection • Personnel Policies
    • Staff Supervision and Training
    • Student Teachers/Volunteers
    • Home Child Day Care Program Module 4
    • Budget Management
    • Maintenance, Health, and Safety
    • Food and Nutrition Services
    • Including Families and the Community
    • Maintaining the Quality of Child Care
    • Computerized Center Administration
    • Home Child Day Care Program Module 5
    • Setting Your Professional Goals
    • Contracts and Policies
    • Rates, Fees, and Collection
    • Communication Styles and Listening Skills
    • Financial Determination
    • Sharing Unpleasant Information with Parents
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Responsibilities of an Assertive Child Care Provider
    • Your Child Care Business Plan

      Placement: 1 Week

      This program is an introduction or enhancement of the theoretical knowledge required for the vocational application of this subject.



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