Grade Appeals Policy and Procedures

Title:Grade Appeals Policy and Procedures
Policy #:Academic-6
Effective Date:February, 2016
Approved By:Administrator, June 2015
Last Revision:April 17, 2019
Next Review:December 2020

 Policy & Procedures

1. Introduction

MacMillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences (“the College”) has the right to determine the nature and components of course offerings, the type and method of evaluations, and the standards which must be met by students. The College acknowledges that the evaluation of the work of a student is part of the professional responsibility of faculty members and other staff who are responsible for grading a student’s academic performance.

Students have the right to know the academic standards of the course and how their academic performance will be evaluated. Faculty members and other staff who are responsible for grading a student’s academic performance are expected to make available at the start of each course the evaluation components (i.e., types and weighting of assignments, essays, tests, examinations, etc.) regardless of delivery mode.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish the parameters of and the procedures for students who wish to appeal a grade. The College encourages and supports open communication as the best means to resolve a concern about a grade.

3. Grounds for a Grade Appeal

A student may appeal a grade received in a course. Appeals are limited to the following grounds:

3.1 A clerical error has resulted in a miscalculation of the grade.

3.2 The grade awarded did not reflect fairly the student’s academic performance and/or the stated requirements for the course.

3.3 Grade appeals may not be based on a complaint that the nature and standard of evaluation was too onerous.

4. Procedures for Appeal 4.1 Appeals of grades may be brought forward during the course or after the final grade has been released.

4.2 Appeals of grades on assignments, tests, placements or examinations must be made within ten (10) business days of the release of the grade.

4.3 Informal Appeal Process

Policy # AC100-37

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4.3.1 Students should first attempt to resolve the grade appeal informally by arranging a meeting with the instructor to review the grade. Only when it cannot be resolved directly with the instructor, should the formal appeal procedures be followed.

4.3.2 In cases where an agreement cannot be reached by the student and the instructor directly, a formal grade appeals should be initiated. To initiate a Grade Appeals, students must complete the first section of the Grade Appeals Form.

4.4 Formal Appeal Process 4.4.1 If the student disagree with the results of the informal review, apply in writing to the Program Chair of the School where the course originates by completing the first section of the Grade Appeals Form within ten (10) business days of the release of the grade.

4.4.2 With the submission, the student must include a written outline of the reasons they feel the grade did not reflect fairly on their academic performance.

4.4.3 The Program Chair or designate will arrange to meet together with the faculty member and student.

4.4.4 In advance of this meeting, the faculty member and student will submit to the Program Chair all relevant documents including course outlines, examinations, assignments, reports, papers, as well as other documents identified as relevant to the student’s grade.

4.4.5 At the meeting, the Program Chair will give the student and faculty member access to all documents submitted, while ensuring the privacy of the academic records of other students. a) The Program Chair will review the documentation provided, seek clarification or further information during the meeting and can: i. Explore solutions presented by either party during the meeting or propose alternate solutions; or

ii. Request assistance, such as re-assessment by another faculty member in appraisal of a document. The Program Chair, faculty member and student will be given access to such appraisals; or

iii. Find that no grounds have been presented that warrants a change in grade.

b) Within five (5) business days of the meeting, the Program Chair will prepare a written decision on the appeal, notifying the student and faculty member of the decision. The decision may be to retain, to raise, or to lower the student’s grade or other appropriate action. Substantial and convincing evidence must be shown for the grade to be changed. Where appropriate, the Chair is responsible for informing Enrolment Services.

c) The faculty member will take any action outlined in the written decision of the Program Chair. In cases where the faculty member is unable by reason

Policy # AC100-37

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of absence to take action, the Program Chair is empowered to take the action and, where appropriate, alter the formal record of the grade.

d) Where the student wishes to appeal the decision of the Program Chair, the appeal must be in writing and must be submitted to the Dean of the School where the course originates within five (5) business days of the decision by the Program Chair. The student must provide a compelling argument as to why they are challenging the decision of the Chair. The Program Chair will forward all relevant documents to the Dean. The Dean will review the process followed and the decision assigned by the Program Chair, and may dismiss, set aside, vary or uphold the decision. It is at the discretion of the Dean whether to meet with the Program Chair, the student, and the faculty member prior to making the decision. The decision of the Dean is final and binding. The student will be notified of the Dean’s decision in writing within five (5) business days of the decision, with copy to the faculty member and the Program Chair.

e) The grade assigned is the grade of record unless decided otherwise through the process here outlined.

5. Policy Ownership

Director, Academic Quality (Academic Excellence)

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