MacMillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences
Food Handler certification

Food Handlers certification includes: Training and a written Exam(English)
Successful graduates will receive a Food Handler Certificate valid for five years
Issued by Toronto Public Health. Certificate is recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Health and other Health Departments in Ontario.
Workshops are offered in English in a classroom setting. Taught by Industry recognized Professionals
For Special needs-Kindly contact the college prior to the exam date
Professionally proctored exam at centrally located office.
Course Name: Food Handler Certification Program by: MacMillan Institute of Applied
Health Sciences:
Course Description:
 Food handler training requirements. Standards in Food Safety Public Health.
 Essential food safety skills with focus on food-borne illness causes and prevention methods.
 Recommended program for anyone that serves food to others in Ontario

The College reserve the right to cancel in class training course if there are not enough registrants.
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REGISTER: Call (647) 219 4887
PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash: Master card: Visa: Money Order
Fee: $80.89 (HST included)for a session: Prepayment is required at the time of Registration
Language: English: Low literacy. Used for the lecture delivery.
Instruction Skills: English language
Using oral communication with accompanying charts and Video’s to convey content to the learners.

Provincial: Ontario

Length of the Exam: 5 hours Lecture and 1 Hour Written Exam

Exam Format: 50 Questions:Multiple Choice: Written Exam: : Closed Book

Passing Grade: 70%

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