Enhanced Educational Personal Support Worker

Enhanced Educational Personal Support Worker

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22. (21) Introduction to College English: In Introduction to College English, students develop reading and writing skills that are necessary for success in college-level courses and in the workplace.  The focus is on improving understanding of different types of readings by learning to recognize common strategies that are used to organize and present messages in written texts.  Students also learn how to use those structures and strategies to improve the focus, clarity and organization of their own writing.  They plan, draft, write and revise several paragraphs as well as at least one summary and one complete essay. They also learn basic research and documentation skills. 

23. (09). Basic Math. Concepts of Measurements for the PSW: This course provides a review of the fundamental numeracy skills required by the Personal Support Worker in the care of clients.  Concepts covered include calculations involving whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios & proportions in addition to measurement principles relating to the Metric, Apothecary and Household Systems of Measurement. Applicable conversions between the different systems both numerical and measurement, will be discussed.  A major focus will be to achieve accuracy in basic calculations and measurement problems as they apply to the care of clients in their activities of daily living and promotion of health.

24. (24) Sciences: This course provides the student with a basic foundation in the chemical sciences to help ensure success in the health professions.  The student is introduced to the fundamental principles of chemistry and their application with relevance to the health profession.  The relationships of these principles and applied mathematics will be introduced.

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