Enhanced Educational Personal Support Worker

Enhanced Educational Personal Support Worker

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04.Provide Optimal Client Support and Care (lecture): this course will introduce students to the concepts and theories related to fundamental psychomotor and communication skills required of support workers. Focus will be given to skills related to assisting with activities of daily living while creating and maintaining a helping relationship.  Delivered as a co-requisite to PSW 1019 (Lab); students will be able to identify procedural steps and begin to understand and interpret their meanings in preparation for applying skills to different client needs and scenarios                                                                                   

(13)The PSW in Inter-Professional Practice (Theory): This is a 7 week course that focuses on the value of inter-professional practice (IPP) and collaboration within the health care environment.  This course introduces the student to the knowledge and specific

(06) Health and Wellness1: This course examines the meaning of health in relation to a holistic view of wellness across the human life span. Biological, socio-cultural variables, and lifestyle choices that impact health will be critically examined. The many complex and interrelated aspects of physical, psychological, and spiritual wellness will be studied as they pertain to individual behaviour and life satisfaction.

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