Enhanced Educational Personal Support Worker

Enhanced Educational Personal Support Worker

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(11)Caring for the Clients In the Community: The purpose of the community practicum is to prepare the student to function under the supervision of the community agency staff in a community setting, to assist clients of varying ages to meet their basic emotional, social and physical needs.

The focus for the 6 day practicum is to assist the clients in their daily activities by promoting self-acceptance, self-esteem, dignity and by providing opportunities for activation.  The practicum takes place in a variety of community settings which may include the client’s home. The student should demonstrate the ability to provide safe and competent care to minimum of 2 clients independently in Care

(16)Nutrition lecture: This course will prepare the student to assist the client with their nutritional needs according to the client’s preferences, comfort and safety. The student will learn to plan balanced, nutritious and economical menus for a diverse group of clients with specific health conditions.  Students will learn how to evaluate the nutritive quality of foods by label reading and using relevant sources such as Canada’s Food Guide. 

(17) Nutrition Lab: This course is the continuation of Nutrition Lecture. In this course the student will learn basic food preparations skills in a laboratory setting. The student will organize and clean their work station for each kitchen segment following safe food handling principles. The student will also examine food labels and nutritional claims to determine the suitability of specific recipes for use with clients who have particular dietary requirements.  The student will recommend adjustments to improve the nutritional value of a specified recipe and prepare the dish for a final presentation.

(03)Role of the PSW In Client Care: In this course, students are introduced to the role and scope of practice of workers providing support to clients and their families. Various work settings, such as in the community and facility-based care, are also introduced.  The variety of work relationships, level of supervision and the need for flexibility are covered.  Time and stress management are discussed and strategies for both encouraged.  Legislation related to the profession, the work setting and the rights of the client are also discussed.

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