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School: Macmillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences
Credential:Ontario College Certificate
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Location: College Campus/Online

CWNA – Certified Wireless Network Administration prepares students for a career in wireless technologies by ensuring they have the skills to successfully administer enterprise class wireless LANs. It is also designed to prepare students for the Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) certification.


The wireless world

  • Wireless users
  • Wireless technologies
  • Wireless LAN applications
  • Wireless advantages and disadvantages

Wireless LAN devices and standards

  • WLAN devices
  • Standards
  • Wireless standards organizations and regulatory agencies
  • Types of wireless LANs

How wireless works

  • Radio wave transmission principles
  • Radio frequency behavior and measure-ment
  • Antennas

IEEE 802.11 Physical layer standards

  • Wireless modulation schemes
  • IEEE 802.11 physical layer standards
  • IEEE 802.11 MAC and Network layer standards
  • IEEE Wireless LAN configurations
  • IEEE 802.11 Media Access Control layer standards
  • WLAN Network layer standards

Planning and deploying a wireless LAN

  • Planning for a wireless network
  • Designing the wireless LAN
  • Deploying a wireless network

Conducting a site survey

  • Site survey tools
  • Performing a site survey

Wireless LAN security and vulnerabilities

  • Security principles
  • Basic IEEE 802.11 security protections
  • Vulnerabilities of IEEE 802.11 security
  • Other wireless attacks

Implementing wireless LAN security

  • Wireless security solutions
  • Transitional security model
  • Personal security model
  • Enterprise security model

Managing a wireless LAN

  • Monitoring the wireless network
  • Maintaining the wireless network
  • Establishing a wireless security policy

Network settings and wireless LAN troubleshooting

  • Wired network settings for wireless connections
  • Troubleshooting wireless networks

Personal, metropolitan, and wide area wireless networks

  • Wireless personal area networks
  • Wireless metropolitan area networks
  • Wireless wide area networks
  • The future of wireless networks

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