Cloud Computing Fundamentals

Course Name: Cloud Computing Fundamentals
Delivery Mode: Classroom, onsite, online
Duration: 5 days, 40 hrs
Instructor: E. Khan
Start: August, 12 2020
Price: $699.99


 Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to: 
  i.            Understand cloud computing
       ii.            Understand principles of cloud computing
     iii.            Understand the cloud architecture
     iv.            Demonstrate cloud deployment models
       v.            Demonstrate cloud service models
     vi.            Explain how to manage cloud computing system
    vii.            Explain application of cloud computing
  viii.            Understand AWS Regions, Availability zones 
      ix.            Create an AWS account and familiarize different instances
       x.            Create EC2, VPC, Route 53

 List of class lesson  

Topics summary:

Course outline 

Module- 1 Cloud Computing Fundamentals
Module-2 Essential Characteristics
 Module-3 Cloud Deployment Models
 Module-4 Cloud Service Models
Module-5 Cloud Computing Architecture and Management Topics
Module-6 Applications on the Cloud
Module-7 Managing the Cloud
Module-8 Vendor deployment
Module-9 Cloud and AWS concepts

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