Cloud Computing Fundamentals

Course Name: Cloud Computing Fundamentals
Delivery Mode: Classroom, onsite, online
Duration: 5 days, 40 hrs
Instructor: E. Khan
Start: August, 12 2020
Price: $699.99


 Learning outcomes: 

 List of class lesson  

Topics summary:

  1. Cloud Computing Fundamentals
  2. Motivation for Cloud Computing 
  3. The Need for Cloud Computing
  4. Defining Cloud Computing
  5. Principles of Cloud computing 
  6. Five Essential Characteristics
  7. Four Cloud Deployment Models 
  8. Three Service Offering Models
  9. Requirements for Cloud Services 
  10. Cloud Application 
  11. Cloud Computing Architecture 
  12.  Network Connectivity in Cloud Computing 

Course outline 

Module- 1 Cloud Computing Fundamentals


  1. Motivation for Cloud Computing
  2. Defining Cloud Computing
  3. Principles of Cloud computing

Module-2 Essential Characteristics


  1. On-demand self-service
  2. Broad network access
  3. Elastic resource pooling
  4. Rapid elasticity
  5. Measured service

 Module-3 Cloud Deployment Models


  1. Private cloud
  2. Public cloud
  3. Community cloud
  4. Hybrid cloud  

 Module-4 Cloud Service Models


  1. Cloud SaaS
  2. Cloud PaaS
  3. Cloud AaaS

Module-5 Cloud Computing Architecture and Management Topics

  1. Layer 1 (User/Client Layer)
  2. Layer 2 (Network Layer)
  3. Layer 3 (Cloud Management Layer)
  4. Layer 4 (Hardware Resource Layer)

Module-6 Applications on the Cloud


  1.  Multitenancy
  2.  Elasticity
  3.  Heterogeneous cloud platform
  4.  Quantitative measurement
  5. On-demand service

Module-7 Managing the Cloud


  1. Managing the infrastructure of the cloud
  2. Managing the cloud application

Module-8 Vendor deployment


  1. Amazon AWS
  2. Microsoft Azure

Module-9 Cloud and AWS concepts


  1. Describe the AWS global infrastructure
  2. Create an AWS account
  3. Manage accounts and access using IAM
  4. Understand and use EC2 concepts
  5. Create an AMI
  6. Describe the different types of services
  7. Use S3 for a static website

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