Wound Management for Health Professionals Level I:

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School: Macmillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences
Credential:Ontario College Certificate
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Location: College Campus/Online


COST: $650

OVERVEIW: Wound Management for Health Professionals

Proficient wound management is an ever-present challenge for professional health care clinicians. Chronic and acute wound prevention and treatment requires a strong foundation of theory and principles of wound management combined with evidence-based practice.

This comprehensive six-week, online course provides multidisciplinary health care professionals with the essential tools and strategies to confidently address wound management. You will apply theory using visual case examples, interactive assessments and collaborative discussion. The main course concepts include:

  • prevention
  • assessment
  • healing
  • infection
  • dressings
  • pain management


NEXT COURSE START DATES: Duration: 20 hrs.

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  • Explain concepts of wound healing, surgical wound healing and evidence-based practice. 
  • Review your professional scope of practice.
  • Classify factors that influence wound healing and wound assessment.
  • Identify the principles that influence the risk of wound infection, assessment and treatment.
  • Assess skin and identify risk management strategies for a variety of skin conditions.
  • Measure the impact of nutrition and pain on wound healing.
  • Define the events that influence wound healing.
  • Apply the TIME framework to wound assessment and wound care.
  • Justify the importance of patient education in wound care success.

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