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School: Macmillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences
Credential:Ontario College Certificate
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Program Length: 20 Hrs

Program Fees: $350
Location: College Campus/Online
Email: macmillianinstitute@gmail.com



OVERVEIW: course prepares students for finding employment in any industry. There are skills required to achieve job hunt success… including résumé, cover letter and references. But students also learn what to say and what not to say in an interview. Students learn what to wear, how to negotiate salary, how to do a follow up call, and finally, how to position themselves for future promotion.

PRE-REQUISITES: English Grade 10

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  • What is a résumé package, and how does it compare to what everyone else is doing
  • How to design a résumé package that will get you noticed by employers
  • How to identify key words in a job ad
  • The Three E’s: The Triangle of Power
  • The Top 12 Reasons
  • Effective cover letter writing
  • Résumé misconceptions
  • Emphasizing what helps
  • De-emphasizing what hurts
  • Résumé writing to increase interviews
  • Goal Setting with SMART goals
  • Using Power Words
  • DISC Theory
  • Choosing and coaching References
  • Different styles of interviewers
  • Different types of interviews
  • How to answer interview questions
  • What to bring and prepare for an interview
  • How to dress for interview success
  • Prioritizing Urgent and Important tasks
  • Creating a portfolio
  • Doing a proper follow-up call
  • How to negotiate a starting salary


  • Includes a private One on One appointment with Career Services to review your résumé package line by line
  • Creative Microsoft Word tips to design a unique and dynamic résumé, without using tired templates

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