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School: MacMillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences
Credential: Ontario College Certificate
Program Type: Business
Program Length: 16 Hrs.
Location: College Campus/Online

COST: $175


This intensive one-day training course has been designed to develop an understanding of the role of a minute taker, to recognize the importance of minute taking, and to teach essential techniques for producing minutes that include all the information required, in the most suitable format for the occasion. There is also some discussion of how to overcome some of the problems that arise in the role.

Minute Taking Training Course Outline
The Role of a Minute Taker

Minutes Styles

Techniques for Preparing Minutes

Interactive Meetings

Developing your Minute Taking Skills

Listening Skills

Minutes for informal meetings

Techniques for preparing minutes

Editing minutes

The Minute Book

Taking minutes in an interactive meeting

Handling common problems experienced while taking minutes