Microsoft Outlook-Basic

COLLEGE: MacMillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences
CREDENTIAL: Ontario College Certificate
PROGRAM DURATION: 45 Hrs. (15 Weeks)
LOCATION: College Campus/Online
COST:$ 975

OVERVEIW: Basic: Students will create e-mail accounts and send e-mail messages using several techniques. They will also learn how to manage e-mail messages, contacts, tasks and meeting requests. Finally, students will customize Outlook for maximum efficiency.

Intermediate: Students will learn how to customize Outlook and work with address books. They will search and filter mail folders, apply and customize categories. Students will also work with personal, public and offline folders. Finally, students will organize folders and set rules.

Advanced: Students will learn advanced techniques for managing stored e-mail messages. Students will create and work with notes and journal entries, schedule and managed meeting’s, share Outlook content and customize templates and forms.

PRE-REQUISITES: Computer Fundamentals and Microsoft Key Office Application



Unit 1: Getting Started

The Program Window, Outlook Today and Getting Help

Unit 2: E-mail basics

Reading, creating and sending messages

Handling attachments

Printing Messages and Attachments

Unit 3: E-mail Management

Setting Message Options

Organizing the Inbox folder

Managing Junk email

Unit 4: Contacts

Managing Contacts, and groups

Using contact groups

Unit 5: Tasks

Working and Managing Tasks

Unit 6: Appointments and Events

Creating, Sending and Modifying Appointments

Calendar Views and Events

Unit 7: Meeting Requests and Responses

Meeting Requests, Responses and Managing Meeting’s Responses


Unit 1: Customizing Outlook

The Outlook Environment

General options and account settings

Quick Steps

The folder pane and Navigation bar

Unit 2: Customizing Messages

Customizing Message Appearance

Signatures, Voting Buttons and Out-of-Office Messages

Unit 3: Mailbox organization and management

Setting rules

Managing your mailbox

Unit 4: Organizing Items



Advanced filtering


Unit 5: Notes and Journals

Recording Information with Notes

Tracking activities with the Journal

Unit 6: Collaboration

Sharing Calendar and contacts

SharePoint Integration and RSS Feeds