Microsoft Office: INTERMEDIATE

Program Details:
Program Code: IT
School: MacMillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences
Credential: Ontario College Certificate
Program Type:IT
Program Length: 35 Hrs.
Program Fees: $650.00
Location: College Campus/Online

Microsoft office is a computer course intended for Microsoft office students. The course develops a student’s ability to multi-task using Word, Excel and PowerPoint in a Windows® and Internet environment. Take your Microsoft Excel skills to the next level as you master charts, graphs, pivot tables, slicers, spark lines, auto filter, macros and other advanced Excel functions. master the more advanced features of Microsoft Word and learn how to create an index, build a list of figures, design a table of contents, do desktop publishing, perform a mail merge and use time saving shortcuts. Learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create exciting slide show presentations that include SmartArt, multimedia, animation, sound, charts, clip art and hyperlinks.
Students will develop their keyboarding skills and speed working toward achieving the industry standard of 35 wpm.

Intermediate MS Excel 2007
Intermediate Excel 2010
Intermediate MS Excel 2013
Intermediate MS Excel 2016
Intermediate MS Word 2007
Intermediate MS Word 2010
Intermediate MS Word 2013
Intermediate MS Word 2016
Introduction to MS PowerPoint 2010
Introduction to MS PowerPoint 2013
Introduction to MS PowerPoint 2016