Health Unit Clerk Certificate


Program Code: HLTMR # 01
School: MacMillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences
Credential: Ontario College Certificate
Program Type:
Program Length:45 Hrs.
Location: College Campus/Online
Cost $ 450
Take this program to acquire the knowledge and skills required to function as part of a health care team.
PRE-REQUISITES: Basic English Proficiency: Evidence of up-to-date completed immunizations.
OVERVEIW: Take this program to acquire the knowledge and skills required to function as part of a health care team. 

PRE-REQUISITES: Basic English Proficiency: Evidence of up-to-date completed immunizations.


Understanding of the Roles and responsibilities of a Health Unit Clerk (HUC),

Maintaining patient and unit records

Processing physician orders

Processing diagnostic and laboratory orders

Program: Communication Skills in health Care: Learn the essential communication skills that health unit clerks and team members use to function most effectively. Through our Communication Skills in Health Care course, focus on oral and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution and confidentiality, and consider worker safety issues.

Computer Basics and Microsoft fundamentals: Learn how computers work and the principles of computer processing, hardware and software. Study Windows and Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). computer Basics and Microsoft Office course,

Medical Terminology: 1 & 2 Medical Terminology course provides you with a foundation for the study of medical terminology. Learn to define a variety of medical terms and consider how those terms are formed (including suffixes, prefixes, combining forms and abbreviations). Through this knowledge, acquire an understanding of the organizational complexity of the body. Study the location and function of the digestive, urinary, reproductive, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Processing Diagnostic and Therapeutic Orders: Through our Processing Diagnostic and Therapeutic Orders course, develop the knowledge and skills required to accurately process orders used to diagnose or manage and treat medical conditions.

Role of the Health unit clerk Learn about the role of the health unit clerk and the coordinating skills required to function effectively in that role. Through our Role of the Health Unit Clerk course, develop the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate patient admissions, transfers and discharges. Consider infection control and critical ethical and legal issues.  

Transcribe entry-level medical documents from dictation or from handwritten material e.g., medical chart notes, progress notes, history and physical examination reports, and miscellaneous documentation).

Editing and proofreading within specified deadlines along with the medical/legal implications.

Learning how to Number and File.

Process Medical Records.

Assemble Medical Record.

Analyze medical record.

Fill in if required Physician Incomplete Area.

Confidentiality and Release of Information.

Other Medical Record Clerk Functions

Understand the need of the unit supplies

Ability to accurately produce medical documentation.

Involve coordinate in a orderly fashion the flow of patients and visitors in   and out of the Department, reception

Preform clerical activities within the department and the dissemination and co-ordination of general information.

Qualified applicants must possess word processing computer experience in a hospital information system.

Demonstrates excellent communication skills
Ability to transcribe orders is required
Demonstrated ability to set priorities in a fast paced environment required
Demonstrated accurate typing skills with typing speed of at least 40 w.p.m. is required (testing will be conducted).
Medical terminology and accurate spelling is required.
Ability to work independently in a busy environment with good public relations skills while maintaining patient confidentiality.
Ability to set priorities and manage multiple tasks is essential.
Demonstrated reliable attendance, punctuality and performance required.