BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – PROJECT MANAGEMENT DIPLOMA PROGRAM: manages project scope and change, project control, project staffing and risk management, provide motivation and goal setting, utilize project management tools and perform other functions in careers that incorporate project management or in stand-alone project manager positions.

Graduates will be able to demonstrate:

  • Analysis of the impact of an organization’s project management initiatives on its human resources, management, financial and business strategies, policies and practices
  • Implementation of a project plan including making trade-offs among competing objectives and taking timely action to deal with problems and opportunities
  • Application of accounting and financial knowledge to the management of projects
  • Allocation of human resources required to manage project tasks using leadership and teamwork skills
  • Working with teams and stakeholders effectively and in a professional manner, respecting differences. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: ( 6 SEMISTER) (3YRS) – Accounting three-year diploma at College in provides knowledge and skills required to perform a range of complex accounting functions including financial analysis, planning and control as well as using analytical and evaluation skills to support management functions, and collaborating in the design of an organization’s internal control systems. The program includes auditing, corporate taxation, law and strategic management. This learning experience will enable you to build and demonstrate the skills you need to work in the field of accounting.

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