Bloodborne Pathogens

This Online Bloodborne Pathogens Course will guide you through all aspects of bloodborne pathogens, from types of diseases, to protective measures. Our comprehensive course will explain in detail what you need to know, emphasize key points and test your knowledge retention after each module. The course has been designed to meet and exceed Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines, so by completing this course you can improve your knowledge of an often overlooked part of workplace safety.
PRE-REQUISITES: Basic English Proficiency
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Learning Outcomes:
What is HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis B & C
How can you be exposed to Bloodborne Pathogens
Worker and Employer responsibilities
Preventing Bloodborne Pathogens
Safe work procedures
Key Points on Bloodborne Pathogens:
Bloodborne Pathogens are any diseases transmitted through contact with infected blood
All employers are required to show diligence when training employees

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