Food and Nutrition Manager

Food and Nutrition Management graduate Diploma program building on skills related to food modification, clinical nutrition, physiology, nutrition analysis, sanitation and safety. Through in class instruction and work placements, students learn how to work in a hospitals, retirement homes and long-term care facilities. Graduates provide their clients/ patients with nutritious food and nutritional care.

The program is accredited by the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management, which is necessary for employment as a Food and Nutrition Manager in Ontario.

Career Opportunities: You will have excellent employment opportunities among the growing number of residences and health-care facilities that serve Canada’s increasing population of seniors. As a graduate of this nutrition program, you will be eligible to become a member of the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management, allowing you to work as a Food and Nutrition Manager in Ontario’s provincially accredited health-care facilities.

Your career could lead to a rewarding position in one of Ontario’s many hospitals, long-term care facilities, manufacturing operations, community services organizations and retirement homes. Positions may include:

  • Food Service Supervisor
  • Food Manager
  • Nutrition Manager
  • Diet Technician
  • Food Service Director
  • Admission Requirements  Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in a Culinary or Hospitality Management program OR a one-year Culinary Skills Program, an apprenticeship program, or another equivalent program (equivalency will be determined based upon completion of specific courses relevant to the program
    • Demonstrated experience (resume required)
    • Interview
    • English Language Proficiency

    Applicants with international transcripts who do not provide English proficiency test results must test at the College English assessment to be considered for admission.

    • Upon confirmation of acceptance into this program, students must meet all the mandatory pre-placement health requirements for the program. It may take up to four months to complete all the requirements.
    • Police Vulnerable Sector Check
      • Students are responsible for ensuring that the police vulnerable sector check covers appropriateness for “individuals being employed and/or volunteering who will be working with vulnerable person(s).”
      • Students are required to keep the original copy of their police vulnerable sector check.
      • Students who are unable to provide a “clear” police vulnerable sector check may not be able to start their clinical or administrative placement and therefore may be unable to complete the program. Students who are not eligible to attend their practice placement due to a “not clear” status will jeopardize their progress in the program.
      • Failure to meet the requirements for clinical or administrative placement will prevent students from completing the program and/or securing employment.
    • All costs, service fees and fines associated with the overall health requirements are the responsibility of the student.
    • Students will also be required to be carded for “mask fitting” and to provide proof of flu immunization. Special Requirements  :Pre-placement Health Form. Health Policy  Students should be aware that various allergens including nuts, dairy and shellfish are routinely used in practical labs. Students should also note that the College is sensitive to religious observances; however, while products purchased for production and consumption meet all provincial and federal regulations, they may not meet specific dietary laws related to Halal and Kosher food In compliance with the requirements of our placement partners, all students in this program are required to have a police vulnerable sector check completed, and this check must be renewed annually before entering into clinical or administrative placement. The police vulnerable sector check process typically takes two to three months, but under some circumstances can take four to eight months. This is required to protect the clientele of our placement partner agencies, who are considered “vulnerable persons” under the law.

Bridged PSW(Personal Support Worker & Pathway to Practical Nursing

Bridged Personal Support Worker & Pathway to Practical Nursing is a two-additional semester program that prepares Personal Support Worker (PSW) graduates to enter into the Practical Nursing (PN) program.

Diploma Graduates from this program have to initially complete the Personal Support Worker Program, The two-semester Personal Support Worker (PSW) program teaches students the skills required to provide or assist with personal care for the elderly, the chronically ill and persons with disabilities, who may be living in the community, in long-term care facilities and in select ambulatory care settings.

The Bridged program provides the foundational knowledge of:

  • biology
  • chemistry
  • mathematics
  • health and wellness
  • English language skills
  • interprofessional relationships.Graduates find employment at locations such as:
    • ambulatory care settings
    • long-term care facilities
    • residential and supportive housing
    • community support agencies
    • acute medical settings
    • palliative care settings.
      • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent**
      • Grade 12 English (C or U)Admission Requirements  Applicants are selected on the basis of their academic achievement, including the required courses, and any other selection criteria outlined.

The Personal Support Worker Program

The Personal Support Worker: program is designed to teach students to provide clients and their families the care and assistance needed to live fulfilling lives in the community and in institutions. The student develop’s a broad range of abilities which emphasize the value of their role and reflects true sensitivity and respect for the individuality of each client. Some of the personal support workers’ activities include providing their clients with personal care and hygiene, household and family management, meal preparation, assisting clients with their medications, palliative and restorative activities.

This program has been designed to meet program standards set by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities of Ontario. Personal Support Workers work in both community and facility settings.

The Personal Support Worker program will provide opportunities for experiential learning through the hands-on skills lab, field placements (facility and community).

As well, students in this program will have the opportunity to participate in cross-disciplinary and/or inter-professional learning opportunities with other members of the care/service team e.g. Practical Nursing, Registered Nursing, Social Service Worker, etc.

Graduates of the PSWC program will be able to ladder into the Practical Nursing Diploma (PND) program and is a redirection pathway for Practical Nursing, through Bridging Personal Support worker program & a pathway to practical nursing.

Graduates of this program will be able to find employment in the community, retirement homes, long-term care homes, and/or hospital care settings.

Admission Requirement:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or a mature applicant (19 years or older).
  • Applicants must demonstrate the ability to read, write and understand English at an academic level. Mature applicants may submit one of the following in place of Grade 12 English:
    • Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC)
    • Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) Assessment
    • Completion of a suitable level in a college English Language program
    • TOEFL paper-based, internet-based; IELTS; Pearson Test of English (PTE)
    • College English Pre-Admission test
  • Students must apply for, and receive a clear vulnerable sector police check before attending field placement.
  • Have questions about the program: Connect with one of our College  recruiters for more information.


The three semester program Bridged Personal Support Worker & a Pathway to Practical Nursing program prepares Personal Support Worker (PSW) enables Personal Support worker graduates an graduates entry into the Practical Nursing (PN) program.

Programs are designed to deliver both vocation or discipline-specific learning outcomes and more generic essential employability skills (including communication, numeracy, critical thinking and problem solving, information management, interpersonal and personal skills).

In addition to the a fore mentioned learning outcome requirements,

The College programs are required to provide students with exposure to a

breadth of learning beyond their vocational field, to increase their

awareness of the society and culture in which they live and work. This

breadth requirement is addressed through additional mandatory General

Education courses in the program curriculum.

To see the relevant program learning outcomes for your specific

program of study, please visit standards

This program provides you with foundational knowledge of additional :

  • biology
  • chemistry
  • mathematics
  • health and wellness
  • English language skills
  • interprofessional relationships

Registration Form: Food Handlers Certification

MacMillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences

Food Handlers Certification (Registration form)

Food Handlers Certification course is designed to help familiarize staff with safe food handling practices and skills that ensure food is stored and served in a manner that is in compliance with the Food Premises Regulation under the Health Protection and Promotion Act.
On successful completion of the program, you will be a Certified Food Handler and will be issued a Food Handler Training Certificate in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health & Long Term Care. Certificates are valid for five (5) years.

Contact: 647-219-4887

REGISTRATION: Submission of this completed form along with applicable payment will reserve your spot in the chosen course/exam. The College accepts Certified Cheque made out to MacMillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences. Please note we also accept credit card payments. Fee is non-refundable one week prior to the course date.

COURSE/EXAM: Please bring a piece of government issued photo identification to course/exam.

Students will be given
The College Food Handlers Manual.
Instructions for the Exam

Students must bring a Photo ID to register for the Exam

Please Note:
1. Instructors Time: 6 Hrs.
2. Written Exam: I hr. (Closed Book)
3. Cheating/ Plagiarism is not tolerated by the College.
4. On successful completion of the Exam, Students will be issued Certification card within 15 days
5.One time retake of the Exam is for $20, if completed within the specified period.
6. Students may contact the College 647 219 4887 for any inquiries

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