Assessment and Evaluation Policy

 Title:Assessment and Evaluation Policy
Policy #:Academic-2
Effective Date:September, 2016
Approved By:Administrator, December 2015
Last Revision:September 28, 2019
Next Review:December 2020


1. Purpose

The College is committed to providing students with fair opportunities to demonstrate their learning. The purpose of this policy is to articulate the College’s principles and position on assessment and evaluation.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all assessment and evaluation in courses offered by MacMillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences except where warranted by external requirements, e.g. accreditation, collaborative programs, clinical placements, etc.

3. Definitions

Assessment is the process of gathering information that accurately reflects a student’s achievement of curriculum expectations in a course. Assessment is based on the demonstration of a student’s achievement of learning outcomes.

Evaluation (also known as assessment of learning) is the process of judging the quality of student learning on the basis of established performance standards and assigning a value (grade or mark) to represent that quality.

Tests, for the purpose of this policy, are written assessments designed to evaluate student learning.

Assignments are any student products, other than tests, designed to evaluate student learning.

4. Principles

4.1 The assessment and evaluation of student learning is fair, transparent, accessible and equitable for all students.

4.2 Assessment and evaluation methods are carefully planned to relate to curriculum expectations.

4.3 Assessment and evaluation schemes provide multiple, varied and balanced opportunities for students to demonstrate their full range of learning, to assess their own learning and plan next steps for their learning.

4.4 The assessment and evaluation of student learning includes feedback that is clear, specific, meaningful and timely to support further learning and achievement.

Policy # AC100-27

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4.5 The assessment and evaluation of student learning is conducted in a way that upholds academic integrity.

5. Policy 5.1 All courses shall include a formal method of assessment. The course outline shall communicate the assessment scheme for each course identifying all evaluation methods that contribute to the final grade. The weekly topical outline shall notify students of the week/date on which any assessment exceeding 10% in weight will occur. 5.1.1 Every effort shall be made to notify students in advance and in writing (which may include email and through the online learning management system) of any changes to scheduled assessments.

5.2 In the event of an emergency or special circumstances, a request for accommodation shall be made and responded to as per the College’s Student Accommodation Policy and associated procedures.

5.3 Students have a responsibility to notify faculty prior to the test or assignment due date if they will be unable to attend a test or complete an assessment to explore options and negotiate possible alternatives.

5.4 In consultation with the Chair or Dean, a faculty member or instructor may administer additional or alternative evaluations to fully assess the capability of a student to demonstrate the course learning outcomes.

5.5 Assessments shall culminate in the evaluation of the student’s demonstration of all approved course learning outcomes.

5.6 No test shall be worth more than 25% of the final grade, unless with the permission of the program Chair.

5.7 All assessments for a course shall be conducted and/or completed by the end of the semester, as published each year by Enrollment Services, except where accommodation has been granted.

5.8 Assessment and evaluation equalling at least 40% of the final grade in a course shall be conducted prior to the last date to withdraw without academic penalty, unless with written permission of the program Chair.

5.9 Faculty members and invigilators shall employ strategies to uphold the integrity of tests and assignments.

5.10 Faculty members, in consultation with the program Chair, shall determine the use of aids or resources, such as calculators or dictionaries, during tests.

5.11 Assessments shall begin at the scheduled time.

5.12 Assessments shall be conducted by the student registered in the course.

Policy # AC100-27

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7. References

Government of Ontario, Ministry of Education. (2010). Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting in Ontario Schools. Found online at:

8. Policy Ownership

Administrator (Academic Quality)

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