Restorative Care certificate Program.

  • This course is designed to enable students to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of restorative care in a long-term setting, including its design, implementation and evaluation. Ministry’s standards. Emphasis is placed on developing the knowledge, skills and competencies to deliver quality, safe and ethical assistance to those in need.  Restorative care activities of passive and active range of motion, splint-brace assistance/training and skill practice with bed mobility, transferring, walking, dressing, grooming, eating, swallowing, amputation.
  • Delivery options: 1.Online – Asynchronous: ​100% online delivery with no assigned day or time requirements, independent course completion.2 Online – Synchronous: 100% online delivery with scheduled day and time course requirements.3.Hybrid: any combination of: in person, timetabled, on campus, online, and hybrid delivery
  • Cost:$500