Medical Office Administrator

CREDENTIALS: Ontario College Certificate
PROGRAM TYPE: Diploma Program
LOCATION: College Campus/Online
DURATION: 2 Semester. 20 Wks. F/T:34 Weeks P/T
COST: $6600

Language English On-Line

OVERVEIW: Medical Office Administration prepares the students for a career in the field of health. It helps you join the workplace in medical officesclinics and hospitals equipped with the expertise required to handle the front desk in these facilities. This diploma prepares you to work as Medical Office AdministratorsMedical ReceptionistMedical Secretaries and other related jobs. It provides you with the opportunity to work in medical settings and provide assistance to the clients related to various administrative and medical related areas. It opens the doors to a variety of employment opportunities with the potential for growth.


Student Success Strategy – Trains on techniques & skills to achieve success in personal and professional life.

Computer Fundamentals and Internet – Trains on basic computer skills, creating and managing documents and using internet.

Keyboarding Skills – helps increase the speed and accuracy on the use of keyboard using touch type with the right keys.

English I – Develops college-level grammar, vocabulary, sentence variety, paragraph structure, reading, and writing skills, which are necessary for success in all other courses.

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint – Introduces word processing, spread sheets, power point presentations.

Medical Terminology – trains on medical words and terms identifying major body systems in health and disease.

Human Anatomy and Physiology – provides knowledge about human body; cells, tissues and membranes etc along with the body systems.

Microsoft Outlook – Explores the basic and advanced features of Outlook.

Medical Office Administrative Procedures – develops familiarity with practices and procedures followed in a medical office environment.

Medical Transcription – integrates medical terminology, human anatomy, pharmacology and transcription techniques to create accurate medical documents

Microsoft Access – Assists in designing database, controlling data entry and application enhancement through database utilities.

Medical Billing and Coding– emphasizes rules and regulations pertaining to producing accurate billing records as outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Medical Record Management – produces and transcribes entry-level medical documents from dictated or handwritten materials.

Professional Skills– Trains on interpersonal skills required for successful induction and working in professional world.


Medical Office Administration is a course that opens the doors to employment in the ever growing health industry. With the knowledge and skills to handle office administration and health related administrative areas, students pursuing this course are absorbed quickly into the workforce at Walk-in Clinics, Medical offices, Hospitals etc. The course offers you the opportunity to work flexible hours with full time as well as part time positions which are offered throughout the year along with full time career opportunities.


After pursuing a Diploma in Medical Office Administration you are eligible for positions falling under the following NOC Codes

NOC -1243 – Medical Secretaries – They perform various secretarial and administrative jobs in doctors offices, clinics, hospitals etc.

Common Job Titles which you can apply for include – Medical Secretaries, Ward Secretaries, Medical Receptionist, Medical Transcriptionist.


Medical Office Administrators/Medical Secretaries perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Scheduling appointments with clients/patients and confirming appointments.
  • Handling telephonic queries from clients, related businesses etc.
  • Handling the clients when they visit the medical office.
  • Creating their records, maintaining their files and updating the records.
  • Proofreading the records and filing them appropriately.
  • Informing clients regarding appointments, reports requiring visit etc.
  • Preparing bills as per the ministry norms.
  • Entering the data relating to clients using adequate software.
  • Maintaining record of all correspondence.
  • Medical transcription of shorthand, handwritten notes or machine dictation.
  • Ordering supplies and maintaining the inventory.
  • Determining the office procedures and ensure that they are followed.


Job openings in the field of Medical Office Administration usually seek a person who has completed college or other equivalent diplomas. Since majority of the medical offices are now using computer software for maintaining patient records and files, the knowledge of computers is considered essential. While some medical offices and clinics will hire fresh graduates with little or no experience but some positions in hospitals and larger medical organizations would desire two to three years experience.


Medical Office Administration course develops skills which provide you with the opportunity of employment in any medical setting. The most common employment opportunities arise in medical offices, medical clinics, doctor’s offices, testing laboratories, hospitals and other related medical organizations.