Enhanced Educational Personal Support Worker

Ontario College Certificate
Diploma Program
College Campus/Online
3 Semester Program (1.5Yrs.)
COST: $9600
Enhanced Educational Personal Support Worker Program is offered as a three-semester program (1 1/2 year) Program. The first six months (2 semester) of the program is focused on Personal Support Worker Training program which includes its Placement. The third semester includes subjects that enhance Personal Support Worker program. On completion of the full Enhanced Educational Personal Support worker program, students get two diplomas 1. Personal support worker program, and 2.Enhanced Educational Personal Support worker program. The full program, enhances academic career. A stepping stone to pursue a nursing career. Students are offered an additional six weeks preparatory Nursing exam training. The preparatory exam enable students to understand the Nursing standards and learning expectations set by the Nursing association of Ontario.

The Personal Support Worker (PSW) program prepares graduates to provide supportive care to individuals across the lifespan including clients experiencing cognitive and intellectual impairments, physical and mental health challenges and illnesses, by assisting them with their activities of daily living. Graduates find employment in a variety of care settings including community care agencies/organizations, retirement homes, private homes, residential care homes, long-term care homes and hospital care settings.
As valuable members of the inter-professional team, graduates develop effective working relationships with team members and participate in the delivery, reporting and documentation of care as directed by the plan of care. Graduates use subjective client observations and objective personal support worker observations, and communication skills to identify and document relevant information pertaining to clients’ status and report findings to members of the inter-professional team and/or responsible person.

Enhanced Education component, advances your knowledge and skills related to health wellness promotion, chronic disease management and prevention, environmental health and safety, healthy aging and supportive care techniques and strategies, through additional subjects offered i the third semester, These subjects enhance a student with knowledge and skills to join a nursing career.
The personal support worker covered in the first six months of the program, responds to community-based healthcare. Now, more than ever, there is a high demand for personal support workers who have enhanced knowledge and skills to assist people within their own homes.
The diploma earns you an achievement of enhanced training.
Applicants must meet all the requirements below in order to meet minimum program eligibility. Meeting minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee an offer of admission. Admission decisions will be available via macmillianinstitute.ca, or by email and mail. Admission decisions will not be released by phone.
Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent including these required courses:
Grade 12 English (ENG4C or ENG4U or equivalent)
Three Grade 11 or Grade 12 C, M
or Mature Student or
College or University transfer status
English Language Proficiency
All applicants whose first language is not English. Will have to take an assessment Test
PRE-REQUISITES: Basic English Proficiency: TSI.CHEM, BIOL
Student    Tuition (3 Semesters)  Ancillary Fees        Total

Canadian          $4’000.00                   $1,255.24               $5’255.00
International    $14’235.76                 $1,764.24               $16’000.00

Anatomy and Physiology for PSW                                    56.00
Communication Skills for the PSW                                   42.00
Role of PSW In Client Care                                               28.00
The PSW in Inter-Professional Practice (THEORY)         21.00
Provide Optimal Client Support and Care (lecture)           28.00
Methods of Observing, Reporting & Recording.               42.00
Interpersonal & Inter-Professional and Relationships 1     28.00
Basic Math. Concepts of Measurements for the PSW        28.00             Health and Wellness 1                                                        14.00
Client Conditions & Treatment Interventions for PSW      28.00            Inter-professional & Inter-Professional Relationships 2      28.00           Provide Optimal Client Support & Personal Care (Lab)     42.00            Nutrition Lecture                                                                21.00
Nutrition Lab                                                                      28.00
The PSW in Inter-professional Practice (Simulation)          28.00.          Client Care In Institutional Health Care Setting.                196.00          Caring for the Client in a Community Setting.                     42.00          SEMESTER 3
Introduction to College English                                           42.00
Mathematics                                                                         42.00
Chemistry for Health Sciences                                             56.00
Principles in Biology                                                            56.00
Foundations in Human Biology                                           56.00          Sciences                                                                                56.00
Health and Wellness 11                                                        42.00
Total Hrs.                                                                  Hrs.1036.00
Total Instructional Instructional Hrs.=                       Hrs. 700.00
Total Lab Hrs.                                                             Hrs. 336.00
Program Vocational Learning Outcomes describe what graduates of the program have demonstrated they can do with the knowledge and skills they have achieved during their studies. The outcomes are closely tied to the needs of the workplace. Through assessment (e.g., assignments and tests), students verify their ability to reliably perform these outcomes before graduating.
1.Work within the personal support worker role in community, retirement homes, long-term care homes and/or hospital care settings in accordance with all applicable legislation and employer’s job description, policies, procedures and guidelines.
2.Act responsibly and be accountable for own actions while recognizing the boundaries of knowledge and skills within the personal support worker role that require collaboration with the client, family, supervisor and/or other members of the inter-professional care/service team.
3.Participate as a member of the inter-professional care/service team and maintain collaborative working relationships in the provision of supportive care within community, retirement homes, long-term care homes and/or hospital care settings.
4.Provide client-centered and client-directed care that is based on ethical principles, sensitive to diverse client and family values, beliefs and needs, and which follows the direction of the plan of care/service plan.
5.Establish and maintain helping relationships with clients and their families reflecting open communication, professional boundaries, and employer’s policies and adhering to confidentiality and privacy legislation.
6.Identify relevant client information using basic assessment and communication skills and report and document findings in accordance with the requirements of employer policies and procedures and all applicable legislation.
7.Promote and maintain a safe and comfortable environment for clients, their families, self and others including the implementation of infection prevention and control measures and emergency first aid procedures that are in keeping with the plan of care/service plan, employer policies and procedures, and all applicable legislation.
8.Assist clients across the lifespan with routine activities of daily living by applying basic knowledge of growth and development, common alterations in functioning, disease prevention, health promotion and maintenance, rehabilitation and restorative care.
9.Assist clients with medication in keeping with the direction of the plan of care/service plan and under the direction and monitoring of a regulated health professional or most accountable person and in accordance with all applicable legislation and employer’s policies.
10.Assist with household management tasks and instrumental activities of daily living in accordance with the plan of care/service plan and considering the preferences, comfort and safety of clients, families and significant others.
11.Assist clients who are caring for dependent individuals considering client and family choices, professional boundaries and the direction of the plan of care/service plan.
12.Identify and report situations of neglect, and potential, alleged or witnessed/actual incidents of abuse, and respond in accordance with all applicable legislation and employer’s policies and procedures.
13.Assist in the provision of culturally relevant palliative and end-of-life care to clients experiencing life threatening illness and to their families and significant others, from diagnosis through death and bereavement, and in accordance with clients’ choices and the plan of care/service plan.
14.Use identified approaches and best practices to support positive and safe behavior in clients experiencing cognitive impairment, mental health challenges and/or responsive behaviors.
Graduate Opportunities:
Personal Support Worker
Personal Care Attendant
Live-in Caregiver
Residential Support Worker
Personal Care Aide/Health Care Aide.
Health Care Assistant/Patient Care Assistant.
Community Support Worker.
Support Services Attendant.
Attendant Service Worker.
Senior Care Provider.
Guest Attendant/Resident Attendant/Client Care Attendant.
Home Health and Personal Care Advisor.