Pathophysiology II

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School: Macmillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences
Credential:Ontario College Certificate
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COST: $500

OVERVEIW: This course continues to examine the concepts of disease processes affecting physiologic and psychosocial health. Students will examine selected disorders of the cardiovascular, lymphatic, digestive, urinary, musculoskeletal, endocrine, immune and reproductive systems. Students will be expected to review anatomy and physiology and medical terminology as it pertains to each related body system.  Selected hematopoietic disorders and basic concepts of neoplastic disease will be examined.  Common mental health disorders will also be discussed. This course also examines physiological and psychological changes during pregnancy, including common complications. Selected chronic pediatric disorders will be discussed.  Pharmacotherapy related to each disorder will be examined using the prototype approach to drug classification. Our Pathophysiology for Nurses courses teaches you how to apply pathophysiology concepts to clinical practice. Study the relevant health problems affecting clients with complex illnesses, the distribution of health states, risk factors, etiology, pathophysiology and inter-professional interventions relating to complex illnesses. Expand your critical and analytical thinking by engaging in reflective practice, and learn to appreciate the scope of practice

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Nursing in Ontario :

Scholarly Writing in Nursing.


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