Microsoft PowerPoint

Program Details
Program Code: IT
School: MacMillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences
Credential: Ontario College Certificate
Program Type:IT
Program Length: 25 Hrs
Program Fees: $250
Location: College Campus/Online

Microsoft Power point is a powerful slide show presentation program. It is a standard component of the company’s Microsoft Office suite software, and is bundled together with Word, Excel, and other office productivity tools. The program uses slides to convey information rich in multimedia. The term slide refers to the old slide projector, which this software effectively replaces.

What can you do with PowerPoint?

PowerPoint gives you the ability to share your presentation with others in real time on the web. You would supply the user with a link to the presentation. After selecting the link, the user(s) will be able to follow you and your presentation online.

Students will create new presentations that include textgraphicsWordArttablescharts and diagrams. They will also edit and format slide content and apply transition effects.

Students will also customize PowerPoint by modifying the Quick Access Toolbar and creating macros. They will also apply themes and templates, and they will work with Smart Art graphics and tables. Students will add multimedia content and interactive elements to slides, and they will learn about presentation distribution options including PDF and HTML. Finally, students will integrate PowerPoint with Word and Excel

Course Practice Material
File Menu, Back Stage View & Options
Setting Up Your Presentation (First Step)
Starting to Build Your First Presentation (Part I)
Starting to Build Your First Presentation (Part II)
Changing the Theme of Your Presentation
Customizing a Theme (Part I)
Customizing a Theme (Part II)
Using Powerpoint Templates to Create Amazing Documents Instantly
Slide Master – Customize Themes for Your Purpose
Cleaning Up Your Slides
Adding Animations to Your Presentations
Adding Transitions to Your Presentations
Creating Sections in Your Presentations
Section Header Slides – Dividing Each Section
Adding Smart Art to Your Presentation
Adding Video to Your Presentations
Working With Icons in Your Presentations
Adding Charts to your Presentations
Adding Equations to your Presentations
Rehearsing the Timing of your Presentation
Record a Presentation & Slide Sorter View
Presenters View – How to Present
Creating Custom Handouts for Your Audience
Presenting Online
Project – Create a Custom Theme from Scratch – Part 1
Project – Create a Custom Theme from Scratch – Part 2
Project – Create a Custom Theme from Scratch – Part 3
Project – Create a Custom Theme from Scratch – Part 4
Conclusion – Next Steps