Microsoft Office Applications

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School: MacMillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences
Credential: Ontario College Certificate
Program Type: IT
Program Length:
Location: College Campus/Online
COST: $875

OVERVEIW: MICROSOFT OFFICE APPLICATIONS is a course that presents skills training and assessment for a broad range of computing concepts and techniques. Students will gain competency in word processing and spreadsheet functions, and an understanding of the impact that computing has on society.

Employers, Colleges and Universities now understand that exposure to computers does not equal understanding computers. So, more than ever, basic computer and Internet skills are being considered prerequisites for employment and higher education.
PRE-REQUISITES: Computer Fundamentals and Internet
Getting Started with Programs
Starting and Exiting Word/Excel/ PowerPoint
Using the Menus, Toolbars, Help, Printing
Using Microsoft Office Word
Creating Documents
Manipulating Text
Setting Tabs
Indenting Text Paragraphs
Proofing Your Document
Using Additional Formatting Features
Printing Documents
Working with Headers or Footers
Using Publishing Format Tools
Working with Objects
Working with Tables
Working with Others
Using Microsoft Office Excel
Getting Started
Manipulating the Information
Working with Formulas
Formatting a Worksheet
Using Miscellaneous Tools
Working with Charts
Getting Ready to Print
Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint
Getting Started
Setting Up the Presentation
Working with Text
Working with Objects
Enhancing the Presentation
Bringing It All Together