Food Handlers Certification

MacMillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences Food Handlers Certificate: is issued by Toronto Public Health recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and other Health Units in Ontario. Successful individuals will receive a Food Handler Certificate that is valid for 5 years issued by the Medical Officer of Health of Toronto

Training: Food Handling/Safety certifications are necessary to work in many food and beverage related environments, This includes food and beverage servers, handling food preparation in an institutional setting, as well as large scale food manufacturing. Employers have a preference for candidates who can meet a high caliber of skills and standards for food safety and quality. Training employees keeps them well informed and gives your patrons the assurance they need. Choosing to run in house training gives you much more flexibility in the way the course is delivered, time, and comfort to the participants..

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Delivery: Online followed by a written Exam online

1.Classroom Session (followed by an Exam) includes:

Description Fees (+ HST)
Food Handler Training Program and Exam (Classroom session) $80.00
Food Handler Examination (Exam Only) $40.00
Manual $20.00
Manual Mailed-out $25.00
Replacement $25.00

First retake of the Exam within a specified period  is Free               $00.00

Second retake                                                                                       $35.00


Food Handlers needing to renew their certification credential after 5 years. They must successfully complete a proctored “Re-certification Exam”.                                 $35.00 

Payment: Payment can be made using the following methods: