As Admission requirements vary from program to program, please make sure to review the specific Admission Requirements for your program of choice, and to contact the admissions department for complete details. The first step in applying to MacMillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences is to figure out if you meet the requirements to get in. The College is committed to understanding everyone’s academic skills in order to promote student success, and to providing equal access to post-secondary education for everyone.
Steps to Enroll into a program:
1. Choose the program of your choice.
2. Click on the Enrollment to select the enrollment form
a) Click on the Domestic Enrollment form for domestic students
b) Click on the International enrollment form for International
student CLICK Here:
3. Contact the College to establish your Student ID
( ID is required on various
College admission forms.
4. Collect the identified admission documents, required for the
program, e.g. Medical, Police Clearance, Transcript, English
Proficiency, etc.
5.Submit the documents directly to the college, or have it transferred
from another facility.
PN: Documents must be original and be in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution. Photocopies are not acceptable. You can drop them off at the MacMillian Institute of Applied Health Sciences office to the attention of “Admissions,” or mail them to the institute at Admissions, 55 Town Centre court, Unit 700, M1P 4X4 to the attention of the registrar of MacMillian College